Guest post time….

May 3, 2007

OK, so I know officially if it were a guest post it should have someone else’s name signed at the bottom, but to be honest I just have yet to get around on figuring out how to add different people. For now this’ll have to do:

Our buddy (and frequent commenter) Blake has graciously stepped in with a guest post– I will leave the rest to him!



Hi Guys!

My name is Blake Himsl Hunter, aka Trophiogrande. I volunteered to write a post for Meg and the Trade Secrets Blog.

The topic of this post is terminology. As an artist who is just in the beginning process of building my free-lance business I have had to learn the lingo. Terms like “Work for Hire”, “Spec”, “Creative Brief” and so on have been intimidating to me, mainly because I feel if I don’t have a firm grasp of the what concept of the terms mean I will hurt my business. So I’ll write about a term, talk about my experience briefly and encourage you out there to participate by adding and helping define terms with your comments.

Spot Illustration: A spot illustration is a small illustration created to be used in a larger piece. My own experience with spot illustrations has mainly been completing quick sketches for designers and Art Director’s who need images to complete a layout. Even though I don’t charge what I would for a larger illustrations, where my work is the main focal point, I can complete them faster, with less pressure, and more fun.

I’m Looking forward to your comments!


Thanks Blake! This seems like a good recurring topic to cover, kind of a glossary of sorts? Hopefully Blake (or some of you other readers out there, if you want to submit your take on some of the terms) can help me fill that up!

In other news, I’m pleased to note that I’m 1/5 of the way through with my first full comic effort, Thirty Birds (cocreated by my sister as writer). This is farther than I’ve gotten on a comic before, so I’m going to share one page of it with you. Sometimes all this text must be a little tiring to read with no pictures added!

Alright, check back next week– I can’t say I know what the topic will be, but I’ll be definitely posting, cross my heart!