Other resources, part 1:

May 10, 2007

Today I feel a little lazy, so I’m going to pass along the first part of a good little smattering of outside sources that I’ve found that might inspire.

Fellow Arizonan Daniel Davis has some great articles on his website, ranging from useful software to how to self publish. I particularly like his article on finishing your projects (something I’m rather guilty on but am trying to get better!) Well worth checking out.

If you’re stuck, you can always come up with at least a hundred ideas of things to do to jumpstart creativity. See?

This blog seems pretty helpful— it’s set up for selling artwork, but at the same time it also talks about networking and self-promotion.

50 ways to become a better designer—  some apply to illustration more than others, but they’re still kind of interesting.

Character design is something I’m really into lately– this blog dissects it a bit.

If you’re like me, you also want to collect the artwork of the people whose work you appreciate– and so this is a helpful resource of how to handle and care for that artwork.

Of course a golden resource is the portal for Illustration Mundo!

Illustration Friday’s forums include a tips and techniques section that I just noticed and suspect that could have some tidbits of use. I love talking shop, so any technique learning is always fun.

I also wanted to include Drawn.ca’s forum, but it looks like it’s down for the time being… Alas!

There was one other resource, which seems to have deleted itself from my bookmarks or something– essentially it was a painter who gave really blunt tips on how to make it– very anti- hand holding…. but for now I’ll have to keep looking.

Look in the next couple of weeks for art director interviews! Hopefully I’ll get to post them ASAP.


4 Responses to “Other resources, part 1:”

  1. Daniel Davis rocks!

    Thanks for the resources.

  2. Bradford said

    Meg…you may make me into a professional illustrator yet! You’re rockin’ my world! Thanks SO much all your work in bringing this lil’ forum together!

  3. Roger said

    These links were great! I’d like to also add Bobby Chiu’s podcasts. (http://www.imaginismstudios.com/) This weeks podcast talked about calcualting fees, agents and ways of getting exposure.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the for the info, Roger, I like Bobby Chiu’s work a lot.

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