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February 15, 2007

Hi everybody; it’s a beautiful day and I’m fighting the temptation to go spend it all outside, but there’s a lot of work on my plate for today, so today’s entry will be a brief one. But it depends on you!

I would like to compile a list of questions to ask art directors; I already have a few AD’s lined up who are happy to take part in a little interview, but I’d like to know what you, the readers, want to know the answers to. What do you want to ask art directors? I figure it’ll be get good to get a little dialogue going between illustrators and art directors, so please comment below and ask all the questions you want. I’ll try to get as many answered as I can in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks everybody; it’s time for me to hit the drawing board!


22 Responses to “Q posting:”

  1. Meghan said

    Here’s a couple (pick and choose whichever you like):


    How many examples are ideal for a portfolio?

    Besides the illustrations themselves, what else does an art director look for in a portfolio/promo materials/etc.?

    How would describe the ideal illustrator/art director relationship?

    What would raise some red flags during your research of an illustrator that would make you think twice about using him/her?

    What was the most interesting/effective promo piece you ever received?

    Are there any books/websites/magazines that you would suggest?


    Thanks for setting this up — I can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Sharon said

    I’d like to know some common mistakes illustrators make when they’re first starting out and/or reasons why an art director might decide not to use an illustrator again.

    This is a terrific idea, by the way! Thanks!

  3. So far my only self promotion has been through email. I’ve gotten some positive feedback… So far nothing negative. I have three images attached to the email and a link to my website. It’s about a megabyte in total size.
    Do AD’s actually read the emails? or do they trash them…
    Is 1 meg too big? are three images too many?


  4. mave said

    hi meg, I am an art director who would be willing to answer questions, too, if you are in need of any more input.

  5. Amy said

    Hi Meg! Thanks for the blog and this post. I am looking forward to the responses. In addition to the other great questions already posted, I’m wondering how AD’s tend to find artists… is there a preference for internet portfolio sites, postcards, email, agents, portfolio books…

    Also, I have always been told that it is a bad idea to email AD’s without an established relationship as it is seen as spam. In this very digital age, is this still the case, or is it okay to email artwork samples and introduction letters?

    Thanks again!


  6. Hi Meg,

    Ditto to many of the questions above.

    How important are tearsheets? Is it worthwhile to post them on your website, even if they are scans of the originals?


  7. Kat said

    Hi Meg! Thanks for this great opportunity to voice our questions to Art Directors!

    Here are my questions:
    -Do AD’s negotiate terms of payment (what the pay will be and when pay will be received whether in increments or all at the end of the project) or is their say final?

    -What is the ideal size (dimensions not number of pieces) for a portfolio? Is bigger better?

    -Does diversity in a portfolio work for or against an illustrator? Whether it be media or styles used or both b/w and colored artwork.

    -Does a website portfolio significantly increase the attractiveness of an illustrator (assuming their work is impressive)? Websites can sometimes be costly to develop, design and manage so I’d like to know if it is financially worth it.

    -Do AD’s avoid artists whose portfolios showcase only digital work? Is traditional media more attractive to AD’s?


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