PROMO: the nitty-gritty of promotional items (pt 2 of 2).

February 1, 2007

So, in our last post I talked about what to do in order to make promotional items. Right now I’m going to list the admittedly short list of places I know that can help you produce things.


1) : they do letterhead, brochures, calendars, stickers, greeting cards, and notepads, among other things. I’m using them to handle my notepads until I can find a source that can print other sizes too and does a good job. (Anyone?)  Turnaround seems to be about 2 weeks, I haven’t seen how the notepads turn out but I hear they do a good job.

2) : The eco-friendly alternative; they do brochures, greeting cards, calendars, booklets, etc.

3) Paper Presentation : If I’m remembering correctly, I visited this place in NYC back in November; if you live in the city I highly recommend, it’s where I found my new favorite sketchbook, but also, they had a slew of paper supplies, bookmaking, scrapbooking– lots of tools that you could apply towards a handmade project. Another good store in NYC is Kate’s Paperie; if I lived there I’d tell you more, naturally.

4) : I was told they do good work; they have a slew of options, including all sorts of paper goods.


1) : Has black and white and red and black custom vinyl stickers; their turnaround is anywhere from 2-8 weeks though. Be prepared for a wait.

2) : Stickers and postcards and business tags and clothing hangtags…. I ordered samples from them and the quality was all right but a little too plasticky/throwaway for my liking.

I don’t know of any places that make paper stickers, like little ones, so you can let me know if you know of any…


1) Hello Voltage : Run by my good friend Ricky, Hello Voltage does all sorts of buttons, but he loves to print buttons for his illustrator friends. He’s constantly trying to improve the business by experimenting with different printing methods and button shapes, and he works quickly and the results are great.

2) Busy Beaver : Another good button maker; Busy Beaver currently has square buttons, which I can tell you look pretty sweet on a jacket.


1) Mammoth Printshop : I’ll be ordering tees from here sometime in the next month or two, I hope. Their quality is excellent!

2) Acme Prints : Based out here in AZ, these guys have a lot of different things they print but tees seem to be what they started with. Check ’em out.

These are a bit brief I apologize; but I’m still waking up and my mind’s drawing a blank for more resources. Can you think of any good places for printing or supplies for promotional items? (I’m always on the hunt for good places) Sometimes it’s also good to check craft stores and just wander the aisles until you see something that’ll jog your imagination to think of what to make… a finding, a piece of paper…

Check back next week; I’m not sure yet what the topic will be about,  so, it’ll be a surprise!


9 Responses to “PROMO: the nitty-gritty of promotional items (pt 2 of 2).”

  1. graphismo said

    Hello again…

    Paper source is a great paper store, although based in Chicago, they have stores all over the place…

    A great site for envelopes and other stuff…

    Just so that you know…Paper companies have online stores where they sell paper stock, envelopes and other items at smaller quantities.
    For exampe…Neenah Papers…not sure of the site, just google it!

    I think that BUSY BEAVER is great…. I have used them before

    Just food for thought!

    You are doing a good job…I am sure that’s very helpfull to a lot of people out there!


  2. I’ve heard good things about Overnight Prints ( although I haven’t used them myself, yet. Their prices are really good, though.

  3. Jerry said

    Hey, Thanks for sharing all the info.
    Also, love your artwork.

  4. graphismo said

    PSPrint is having a sale…30% off Postcards until the end of the month… I thought that you woukd want to know…

  5. Jonathan said

    Hi – I was reading up on your promotional cards and items the other day and just happened to get a promo in the mail from PSPrint for a discount. Feel free to share this with your readers – if they enter the gift code identity107, they will get 30% off identity materials: biz cards, letterhead, envelopes, brchs, notepads and folders. FYI – It says in the small print, “Discount of 30% or $100, whichever is less. This offer may not be combined with any other off. Expires 02.28.07. Does not include tax, shipping, or mailing services.”

  6. […] Any artist dabbling with the idea of leaping into the alligator-infested waters of illustration owes it to themselves to check out TRADE SECRETS. […]

  7. Nice blog I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you.

  8. This blog is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck.

  9. june said

    Thanks for sharing these. I ordered stock envelopes from polypak for few times. They offer free samples and take small/ large orders. But I’m open to other sources and will check out some of the sites you listed.

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