January 11, 2007

This is just an inaugural post of sorts. TRADE SECRETS will be updated on the T days– that’s Tuesday and Thursday for you nonspellers– with helpful tidbits and handy information regarding the illustration world, pointing you to the best resources and giving you advice.

But who am I? An intro is in order I guess: My name is Meg Hunt and I’m a 23-year old lady living in Arizona. I’ve worked freelance for just under two years and in that time I’ve gotten work with such cool clients as Boston’s Weekly Dig, BUST, Fantagraphics Books, K Records, Las Vegas Weekly, Phoenix New Times, Portland Mercury, Rockpile, Salt Lake City Weekly, Seattle Metropolitan, the Stranger, Utne, the Washington Post, Yale Alumni Magazine, and lots more. In addition I love travel, foreign food, and researching weird legends. You can check out my folio here!

But that’s enough of that; I’ll be updating shortly with a first topical post, though my entries will typically run in the mornings (central standard time). Got a burning question you don’t know the answer to? Drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading!


7 Responses to “Lift-off!”

  1. ariel said

    Here’s a question… where do you find “time” to do all this? (an advice blog site AND being a freelancer)

    Great concept by the way. I’m just starting out in this field.. so i’ll defenitely be checking back.



  2. meg said

    Thanks! As an answer to your question, I’m not sure! I guess I do and I don’t have time– but I felt like the illustration world was a little lacking in the sharing knowledge department, so it seemed worth the time to start getting people to talk and get advice.

    Hope it helps!

  3. Megan said

    Wow, I can’t believe you’ve done all that and you’re 23! I’m 24 and I’ve just been working for different companies doing their marketing, etc… I’m excited to hear more about your experiences and knowledge… and I’ll try to contribute when I can!

    This is a great idea. 🙂



  4. Great idea, I am just starting my free-lance business so I am excited about this. Great Idea!

  5. Gabriel said

    Thank you so much for the info. If you don’t mind tell me a little more about why you set up this weblog and what inspired you.


  6. S. Weasel said

    Well, I’ll be dipped. How’d you get to #27 on WordPress’ Blogs of the Day with two posts? You selling porn in the back room?

    I hated freelancing. I got me a corporate gig. I’ll never be famous, but I still get to draw pictures all day and make a mortgage payment.

    And if you ARE selling porn in the back room, can I see…?

  7. meg said

    Good question! I have no idea. Now I’ve dipped to saucy number 69 (now that would explain the selling porn in the back room angle), but I had no idea til you told me.

    Too bad you hated freelancing, but it ain’t for everyone I know that. Corporate jobs have their benefits too, naturally! If I found a good one I’d be tempted to do that too, but there’s something very stimulating and challenging for me in freelance, so I like that.

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